This pilot project aims to scale up the access and coverage of the presumptive and MDR-TB patients to Universal Drug Susceptibility Test (UDST). Moreover, it aims to build stronger linkages from prioritized high load Designated Microscopic Centres (DMCs) to districts Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs) and subsequently develop linkages to centrally placed Intermediately Reference Laboratory (IRL) to address dropoutrates and optimize treatment

operational area

The project is operational in six high burden & challenging areas in Telangana namely Hyderabad, Jayashankar,Bhupalapally, Mulugu, Asifabad, Gadwal and Wanaparthy.



The project adopts an approach of reducing the time gap between the collections of samples and reaching them to the CBNAAT sites of the corresponding districts by using the services of specimen collection & transportation agent (SCT Agent) and local courier agencies for Reports delivery, treatment initiation & Follow up.


Expected outcome