The ‘Delhi Integrated Community Volunteers Initiative’ (DIVINE) project was a three year initiative from 2008 to 2010. It was later extended. The initiative focuses on involving the communities as active stakeholders in generating awareness on TB and motivating patients for testing and treatment.
Operational Area
The project is operational in the Burari and Santhnagar areas in the North Delhi Region.



DIVINE Project usesa community centric approach (COACH) to strengthen the ‘Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNCTP)’ by sensitizing community volunteers, Private Health Providers (PHPs), paediatriciansand Directly Observed Therapy, Short-course(DOTS) providers.


New Delhi
Despite suffering for long, Reshmi (26) was not given any attention by her family members as they were struggling to survive after the lockdown during COVID. By the time she visited the TB DOTS centre, she had severe symptoms such as weight reduction, blood in the sputum and fever. Her treatment did not begin for 10 days despite being declared positive as she was not traceable. Continuous follow-up by DIVINE Project DOTs Centre team revealed that she was hospitalized for termination of pregnancy.  It took lot of efforts to convince her to start the CAT-1 treatment. But her condition was still deteriorating. A subsequent CBNAAT test showed her to be multi-drug-resistance (MDR). Reshmi was hospitalized as her condition further deteriorated. XDR treatment with associated drug regimen was started immediately as she also had a family history of XDR. She stabilized after weeks of medication and was discharged. Throughout the treatment, she experienced Cycloserine side effects such as confusion, suicidal tendencies and sadness. Her husband refused to support her but she could recover thanks to the emotional and nutritional support provided by the project team.

Expected outcome