Mr. Vikas Panibatla
Chief Executive
Vikas holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work & Environmental Sciences. Vikas has 16 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development and Liaison & Coordination. He has vast experience in grassroots implementation of projects liaison with senior management, trustees, donors, and governments. He is skilled in programme management and has strong networking and negotiation skills.
Mr. Ramesh dasari

Head Programs

Ramesh Dasari provides overall programmatic direction and guidance to community and private provider engagement programmes. He works in close coordination with public and private entities and liaison with government counterparts and donors. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has more than 16 years of experience in the development sector with domain experience of health (HIV/AIDS/PPTCT and TB) and school education programs. He is a program management specialist with an experience of gross root project implementation and data driven strategy development.

Mr. Balarishna Maryala

M&E Manager

Balarishna Maryala leads the Monitoring &Evaluation activities and has experience in setting up monitoring and evaluation systems for large-scale interventions in the development sector.

Eleesha Babu

Program Manager

Eleesha Babu Yendluri works closely with NTEP on TB prevention and control programmes. He has expertise in programme management, advocacy, social mobilization, private sector engagement in public health systems and activities.
Khasim Sayyad

Regional Coordinator (North India)

Khasim Sayyad is a Regional Coordinator (North India) based at Delhi . He is a professional social worker and general well-being expert. He also directs trainings and workshops on advocacy, communication and social mobilization.

Ravinder Gangula

Project Director – JEET (TS&AP)

Ravinder Gangula serves as the Project Director for JEET (Joint Efforts for Elimination of Tuberculosis) project funded by GFATM. He has a Master’s Degree in Sociology and has been associated with various national reputed non-profits for over a decade. His core competencies include programme management and its associated activities.

Mr. Niraj Sinha

State Lead – JEET (Punjab)

Mr. Niraj Sinha is social activist who is working as development professional and having > 15 years of experience in the field of Public Health, Social Development and Education sector


Mr. Sinha, joined TB Alert India in July’2021 as State Lead for LTBI-Project, Joint Efforts for Elimination of Tuberculosis – (JEET-2.0), Punjab. Mr. Sinha is leading the team of almost 100 staffs, providing strategic guidance to establish linkages and strengthen networking and liaison with government health departments, private health care providers and other stakeholders.

Mr. Puneet Upretti

M&E Officer- JEET (Haryana)

Mr. Puneet Upretti, M&E officer Haryana, brings with him an experience of around 11 years in different organisations. His last assignment was in TB reach where he was M&E officer and previous to it, he worked in CHAI in JEET 1.0

Mr. Kaustubh Bora

State Lead- JEET (Haryana)

Mr. Kaustubh Bora, is the State Lead for Haryana for JEET -PMTPT project, got experience of 15 years in private corporate sector with Sun pharma laboratories limited profile involved concept building on new drugs and induce usage, meeting with KOL of multi-specialty for sensitisation.

Worked with liver transplantation unit and organ donation with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi, thereafter moved to development sector in 2018 in WJCF for JEET1.0 as operations manager. Free time would love to travel to hilly areas for trekking and seeking tranquillity

 Mr. Rajesh Kumar

M&E Officer- JEET (Delhi)

Rajesh Kumar, is the M&E Officer for Delhi, is a qualified data analyst having eight (8) years of rich experience in data management and analysis