TB Alert India (TBAI), the Indian arm of TB Alert works to the vision of a ‘TB Free India’. It aims to prevent morbidity and mortality associated with TB by providing holistic TB care i.e. addressing psycho-social and economic aspects which affect uptake of TB testing and treatment. Transparency, quality consciousness, responsiveness and integrity are the key values and guiding principles of TBAI. TBAI has a clear strategic approach to:
Over 15 years of work towards fighting TB, TBAI has addressed a wide range of essential issues. TBAI has implemented projects which focus on four key aspects:
TBAI is aided in its work by a diverse funding base that includes multilateral, bilateral, corporate and other donors and a strong team of frontline workers. TBAI is working at present in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi in India. TBAI has served as the Civil Society Representative (CSR) for TB on India’s Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) from 2012 to 2015.